Penetration Test Companies: What Do They Do?

Major companies working with significant budgets are always under the threat of facing a hacker attack. The easiest way for hackers to conduct a successful attack is to exploit critical vulnerabilities found in the company’s system. Penetration testing companies provide security testing services aimed at finding flaws in the company’s network security.

Today we want to discuss what top penetration testing companies do and how their security solutions prevent your data from being stolen.

How do penetration testing companies work?

A penetration testing company is a formation of security specialists who are constantly improving their skills and looking for the most efficient ways to examine security posture.

Their main function is to provide penetration testing services. What is pen testing? Well, it is a special process run by cyber security professionals. Manual penetration testing capabilities feature a thing called ethical hacking. Thus, professionals start to simulate real-world attacks on your network security. This helps to define the strong and weak points of your security system.

You can launch an application security testing or a website/network security audits/tests, depending on your priorities.

When security penetration testing services finish, security experts will give you a full report. The penetration testing team has to mention in the report all the details required to prevent future security exploits and protect the critical systems of your digital infrastructure. The report is used for better vulnerability management.

Penetration testing company additional tools

Top penetration testing companies use many different penetration testing tools. For example, an automated program that applies extra pressure on your system is one of the best additions to physical security testing (ethical hacking).

Who needs to use penetration testing services?

First of all, pen testing is not a cheap procedure and will require you to pay more than $5000 usually. Generally, the cost will change based on how big your company is.

It is recommended to calculate your company’s net worth. If you evaluate everything the company owns for more than $10000, it is recommended to run penetration testing. Otherwise, you risk losing it all if you become a victim of significant security threats.

Similar services to keep your network safe

Penetration testing is just one of many ways to improve your cyber security and avoid future security exploits. Each of the methods you will find below can be used as an addition to penetration testing, which will definitely make your system much more secure. Some of the other most popular ways for security evaluation include:

Vulnerability assessment

Security vulnerabilities are the most common reason for your system being hacked. Vulnerability assessment is a process that has a final result similar to penetration testing but uses completely different methods. To identify network vulnerabilities, specialists are using unique software which does vulnerability scanning. The thing is that this process doesn’t require much human work. This makes vulnerability assessment much cheaper than the services of the best penetration testing companies. What is even more interesting is that you can just download free software that runs vulnerability assessment and superficially check your network without spending a penny.

Security code review

The entire network infrastructure of your company consists of a code. The same s software code might have weak spots which criminals can exploit. Code security audits intend to find the weak areas of the code and rewrite them so that vulnerability will be remediated. This process is just like the penetration testing services utilizes a trained team that will carefully read the entire code and try to improve it.

How to choose the best penetration testing firm?

Nowadays, the penetration testing market is full of different companies ready to perform penetration testing procedures for you. But how do you know which one is a strong pen testing company? There are a few ways that can shed some light on that question:

Inspect pen testers’ website

Most information about penetration testing providers can be found on their web pages. For example, you can browse it to find the types of pen tests they offer (maybe you need a mobile app security testing ) and what their prices are. If you are dealing with the best penetration testing company, their website will present examples of their reports, which are the most important part of pen testing services. You may also check the efficiency of penetration tests at the website and inspect how experienced penetration testers are.

Read clients’ reviews

In order to find the best pen testing company, you will definitely need to find out what previous clients think of it. You can’t just fully examine a cybersecurity service provider with their website. And the right way to do that is to read reviews. The best penetration testing provider will have most of the reviews at least four stars. In addition, little details like how well the penetration testing team gets on time or their attitude are exposed.

Top 3 penetration testing companies

We want to present you with some of the top pentesting companies, based on their performance and quality of services:

  1. Hacken Web 3.0 Penetration Testing

Hacken pen testing service specifies in web 3.0 areas, where it excels at identifying weak spots of your system by using advanced hacking techniques. So if you want to show your clients that your web 3.0 project is ahead of hackers, it is Hacken is the right way to do it.

  1. FireEye Penetration testing

FireEye penetration testing service is known for its ability to identify and mitigate complex cyber threat situations and help you to understand how hackers will act during attacks. FireEye allows clients to customize the testing process and choose priorities like web application penetration testing;

  1. Detectify

Detectify is a great automated penetration testing service that will help you to fix critical vulnerabilities without spending too much time and money. It specifies in web applications testing and gives you an application security assessment based on 2000+ known flaws;


In conclusion, penetration testing is a great way for big companies or people with valuable websites/applications to improve their offensive security and prevent hacker attacks/data breaches. Penetration testing scope doesn’t leave unnoticed any of the major vulnerabilities, which will result in an informative report. Just don’t forget to use the report for vulnerability management, and your network will definitely get a huge security improvement!


How much do penetration testers get paid?

Like most IT specialists, penetration testers have a solid salary which usually starts at $80000 annually.

Is penetration testing for a company legal?

Yes, penetration testing is just one of the many ways to prevent a hacker attack, and there is nothing illegal about it.

What industry is penetration testing?

Penetration testing is a part of the cyber security industry.

Who is the best penetration tester?

There are lots of different great companies that run pen tests. The best pen tester for you will depend on your needs.